Wednesday, October 6, 2010

MUCH better day!

I'm happy to report that the teacher who offended me yesterday came to apologize to me this afternoon. Although I think it was at the prompting of the principal, it was an apology none-the-less and I'm happy about that!

I didn't get any new students today which is a good thing at this point in my schedule, but I did realize today that my Wednesdays are might spotty!  I had a lot of breaks...not so on my Tuesday/Thursday schedule!  So I do have room on some days to add a student or two, but not much!

It's cold is only about 63° and we haven't turned the heat on...I'm afraid to look at the thermostat and see what the temperature is there!  But I will suffer along with cold weather for a while!  Mike would never turn the heat on cause all he sees are dollar signs when it's on, but I am not that way!

Well, still haven't loaded the pictures on my computer and I don't feel like doing it now!  I'm bad, I know it!  I will check in again tomorrow!  Two more days until our last baseball tournament!  Yippie!


  1. I am so glad you got an apology, even if it was prompted by the principal! You deserved it! We have really beautiful weather here, it was in the 70's. It gets pretty chilly at night, in the low 40's but that is ok as long as it warms up nice during the day. I haven't turned my heat on yet and there were a couple of nights it was in the 30's and brrr it was cold getting out of bed in the mornings! LOL.
    Have a great night tonight, I am getting ready to watch the Twins!! Wish we weren't playing the Yankees...oh well maybe!

  2. Hi Karen;

    I'm glad you received an apology. I hope the teacher truly meant it. I too am holding off on turning the heat on. Our temps are in the low 50s and rainy and dreary. No relief until Friday afternoon when hopefully the sun comes out. :)

    I have to laugh at what Cindi said. I'm watching the Yankees (my team) and hope they beat the Twins. LOL!! Don't tell her I said so. LOL!! Hugs

  3. Go ahead and turn your heat on Karen..might as well be comfortable!! LOL We had ours on a couple days ago but now with our 70's during the day the house stays pretty comfortable all evening..might turn on the electric fireplace/heater...but so far it's ok. Glad the teacher apologized...hopefully he'll be a bit more considerate after this!! Enjoy your last ball event!! HUGS

  4. Hi Karen! Glad you got an apology. Hope they do well in the tournament! Hugs and blessings!


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