Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thoughful Thursday

Today is one of those days you just have to stop and take a breath and remember that God is in control.  Between issues with Cody's pitching arm and a little mix up with my daughter's taxes it's just been one of those days that I'm glad God is in control and He will work it out for our good in the end!

Cody's pitching arm has been bothering him so we took him to the doctor yesterday.  The doctor diagnosed him with Little League elbow, which is a result of too much pitching and trying to pitch a curve ball, probably doing it incorrectly. X-rays showed no bone chips so we go to Physical Therapy now to see what they can do to help him out!  Rest for 4-6 weeks has been recommended, but he has three more games and insists that he's playing.  I will ask the Physical Therapist today about just playing first base that would require very little throwing. If the answer is no playing at all, even first base, I will have the Therapist write out an order to state that because his mom thinks it will be okay for him to play the last three games.

My daughter does some handwriting on the side and got her W-2 after they filed and got their tax refund last year and only told me about it last week.  I told her she had to take care of it right away, which she did, but now owes a lot of money that they would have never missed had it just been deducted out of their refund!  But it hurts right now!  I'm going to put some money in her account to help her out, but can't do it all!  I know her husband will help her with the other cause it would have come from the refund!  

Other than that, I'm fine today!  LOL  Makes me want to eat...maybe I'll make a smoothie now to satisfy my sweet tooth!  :)

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