Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where did the week go?

It was a good fast week! Can't believe there are just 12 more days of school left for me! I have a full schedule next week. The week of 17th will be a little lighter because I won't have my kindergarten students. Then even my Monday and Tuesday of the next week (23rd and 24th) will be really short and sweet!

For most of my post today I'm going to do what a friend of mine does and do some simple thoughts...

Outside my is dark and tells me I should go to bed!

I am thinking...about how much I am loved by my family.

I am thankful husband who really always thinks about me and takes very good care of me!

I am much I need the Lord in my life.

On my mind...nothing really this late at night!

I am skirt, shirt, and socks.

I am reading...The Forbidden, by Beverly Lewis

I am hoping...that my hard work will pay off and I will be faithful!

I am hearing...Nascar race, not my choice!

Now it is time for bed. I will try to get back tomorrow and post pictures of my favorite grandson from baseball this season!

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