Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday SONday!

I am thrilled to be 16 pounds lighter than I was a couple months ago! All I've done so far is change my eating. I'm basically eating one meal a day and protein shakes the rest of the day with a couple of snacks. Once a week I allow myself to eat whatever I want even though I don't know what the calorie count is and it's worked out well for me!

I really want to start exercising...nothing too hard right now (Biggest Loser style)...I just want to get some activity into my life. A Snap Fitness is supposed to open near me and I'm prayerful it will be sometime this summer so I can get a handle on exercise before school starts in the fall again! The good thing about Snap Fitness is that it is open 24 hours a day and Mike could go with me at odd hours so I won't have to be alone! I think once I can start exercising again the weight loss will pick up...although I've still managed to lose almost 2 pounds a week just eating properly!

Mike takes his last two GED tests this Monday and Tuesday. I know he's nervous, but his post test scores were so great that I know he's going to pass with flying colors! I'm so proud of him and I'm anxious to see what kind of job the Lord has prepared for him for the last few years of his work life! What is most important to us now are the benefits for I get my weight down and Mike approaches retirement age insurance for me won't be so expensive!

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