Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Salutations!

Good evening! It's been a weird week. We didn't have power at school on Thursday so we had an unexpected day off in May! That was a nice surprise. Haley and I went out to eat with my best friend to our favorite pizza place.

Friday was just a normal day...Mike and I went to Cody's make up game for a rain delay from Wednesday. It was threatening rain, but they started the game anyway. First inning Cody hit an inside the park home run! I'm so proud of him!

Today Michele, Haley, and I went to eat together and had a nice time. Michele wanted to get a pedicure so I took Haley to the playground at school and had a nice time. It was so hot I came home with a headache. I didn't lie down until Mike came back home, but slept for three hours! I'm still waking up! I hope I can sleep tonight!

With all this eating out you'd think that I wouldn't lose weight, but at my last weigh in I had lost almost 15 pounds! I'm very pleased and have a shirt on that I can tell a little different in the arm part.

This is my last full week of tutoring...I'm getting excited for the end of the year!

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