Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Salutations!

It's already afternoon and at least I've had my shower!  I uploaded pictures from my camera onto the computer and posted some of the graduation and band pictures on facebook and a message board I go to. Other than that I haven't done much.  I tried to read, but for some reason can't get into this book although it seems like it will be good.  That doesn't happen to me often, usually I can sit down and devour a book, but today it just wasn't happening!

We had a horrendous storm last night that knocked the power out at Biscuitville so Mike was called and told he didn't have to come to work, then he was called at 7:30 and told the electricity was back on to come on in!  He just got home a few minutes ago and we are going to go out to eat soon...I'm hungry, but he doesn't seem to be!  

I've not been writing down what I eat and I'm just not in the mood to do it this weekend so I'm giving myself permission to enjoy the weekend...within reason...and get back on track on Monday.  I know Monday is a holiday, but for us it's more of a regular day so I'll get back at it then.  I've lost 16 pounds and if I can do that every couple months I'll be better off than not doing anything!  

I'm excited about doing an online Bible study this summer.  It starts the end of June and runs for six weeks, this would be perfect for me if they do something like this during the school year because I could watch the video classes at my leisure!  During the school year I can't go to the Ladies Bible study at church and it's just too late at night for me to go to the evening one when I have to get up so early for school, so this would be great for me because my Saturdays are usually free and that would be a great time for me!

The name of the study is Sweeter Than Chocolate study of Hebrews 11 sounds yummy to me!  :) Here is a link for more information about it Precept Ministries International.


  1. Hi Karen!
    It is good to read your blog again.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    love & Hugs

  2. Hi Karen,
    I like your blog and I look forward to following you here.
    Hope your weeekend is good!


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