Saturday, May 1, 2010

New beginnings

I woke up today and didn't want to tutor today, but the trade off is that I want to go to Cody's games so I have to do what I have to do!

I'm excited to make some changes to my web page with the help of a new friend! That will be fun. Nothing much planned for the rest of the day. I will do some reading, but for now I'm going to read and watch Ruby. I haven't decided if I like that show or not. I think Ruby is a whiner. I've lost over 100 pounds three times in my life so I know how hard it is and I'm working on the fourth time to lose more than 100 pounds and I would like to figure out why I allow myself to gain the weight back. I sometimes wonder what is keeping me from living healthy, but I don't think I have any deep dark secrets in my life, I think it's more like just getting lazy and not caring.

I remember this last time when I gained the weight back I felt like I couldn't leave the store without certain cream, candy, etc. I'm never like that! I'm a stick to the outside of the store and don't deviate from my shopping list kind of person. I think if I'd figured out how to break my head game with myself I would have been okay!

I hope to figure that out this time and not let that happen again!

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