Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starting again...

Since basically no one reads my blog I'm going to start putting my thoughts here about my weight. I did that when I started about 8 years ago to lose weight and lost all my thoughts when the site closed without warning, but I will try to remember to back these up on my hard drive!

Anyway, I've been trying to cut back on my calories for almost two weeks now. I've lost a grand total of 0 pounds! The scale will be down one day and up the next...I used to just weight once a month when I lost weight before, but most people say they weigh everyday...I might have to change that just for my own sanity cause I know I'm doing right, but I'm not seeing any pay off!

It's 5:23 in the morning and I can't sleep! It's cold this morning too so I don't want to get out from under this blanket and get moving either! Today is my last long day at school...this year has seemed rather rough! I love what I do although this year has been a little more stressful than in the past!

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