Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Bobby and Michele!

May 24, 2003 we added a wonderful member to our family, our son-in-love!  He has been such a blessing to all of us and we couldn't have asked for a better husband for Michele.

We celebrated today with a lunch out and I wish I'd taken my camera to capture the moment, but I'm just getting used to this camera with me at all times!  So for this blog I thought I'd post some pictures from their wedding!

Michele honored me by asking me to stand up with her and be her Matron of Honor!

 Sweet picture of Mike walking Michele down the aisle!

  Michele and Mike's mom before the wedding!  Granny helped raise Michele before Mike and I were married.

One of the things Michele really wanted was to have Bobby lift her veil and kiss her.  The preacher forgot to tell him to do that so while they were walking down the aisle everyone was saying, "Kiss her, kiss her!" She flipped her own veil and Bobby kissed her!

Bobby and Michele with Tara, Cliff III, Breanna, and Cody as their flower girls and ring bearers!

This is Bobby and Michele with all Michele's grandparents: my parents and Mike's mom.

This is Mike and me, Michele and Bobby, and Bobby's parents, Vanda and Robert.

I just love this picture with Cody's shirt tail hanging out...and Mike actually in a tuxedo!  

A special thanks to my best friend/sister who saved the day when I got to the front of the church without Bobby's ring!  Mary Crowder was playing the organ and turned to me and I mouthed that I'd forgotten the ring and she slide off the organ bench and went to the back of the church and retrieved the ring and handed it to me and no one was the wiser!  :)  What a great memory!

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  1. Great photo album of Michele's wedding..I don't think I have ever seen most of those pics..I like all of them and your blog is looking great!! I am really enjoying mine. Blessings..♥


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