Sunday, December 4, 2011

Starting my journey again!

I met with a personal trainer last week and I really like her. She is going to come to my house twice a week and I believe she is going to have a plan for me for the other days she isn't with me. I have already lost a few pounds this week just being conscious of what I'm eating.

Cody had a great game last week, he scored 14 of the team's 33 points in one game and he only played 2 1/2 quarters! The coach took all the starters out because they weren't keeping their hands up on the court. I agree the boys should do what the coach says, but to pull the starters, especially the high scoring starter for 9 minutes of a game I think is shooting himself in the foot!  When he took the starters out they were only behind by 5 points, but we lost by way more than that! But I'm still proud of Cody's work while he was in there! (their quarters are 6 minutes long)

Haley has her ballet recital Saturday so I'm anxious for that. I am going to buy a new camera today...the website says they have one at Walmart, I will call again before I go, although it might be another wild goose chase like for Cody's iPod Touch a few weeks ago!

I'm using a few new websites that I hope will help me with my health journey this time. and LiveStrong is very new to me except that I knew it was associated with Lance Armstrong, but Cozi I've used for scheduling things that gives me an email reminder!

Haley went to a Princess Birthday Party yesterday so I will end with some of the photos from that!

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  1. What a beautiful birthday party! Every little girl's dream! Haley looked so pretty.

    So great that the personal trainer comes to your home! I hope it works out well for you!


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