Sunday, July 24, 2011

Almost 8 months...

It seems impossible that it's been almost eight months since I last wrote in my blog!  Much has happened since I last wrote. I have lots of photos to share, but I will try to do them in an orderly fashion!

Cody is still playing travel ball and his team is really good and gets to the championship game almost every tournament. Right now he's playing on his All Star team for the county recreation department. Because the Dixie Youth World Series is at our field this year (literally in my backyard, I can see the lights and hear the cheers from my house) our boys got an automatic bid to the World Series and didn't have to play any games to lead up to it so their coaches too, them to a travel ball tournament. The boys won five games without a lose the whole weekend!  In fact the last three games were won by slaughter rule and the most innings we played were 4 innings!  :)  Here is a picture of the Madison Heights All Stars at the Covington Clash Tournament!

Cody is third from the left in the second row!  When we were at the hotel I was in my bare feet and he had his sandals on and he was just a tad taller than me and I'm 5'9" tall!  :(  My baby is growing up!  Where are the days where I held him in my arms and rocked and sang to him?  Oh, that was just the other day!  He's a 100 pound almost 6' tall baby now!  LOL

Cody also went to basketball camp this summer at Virginia Episcopal School (where he will go to high school) and he won the MVP and Hot Shot award! The Hot Shot award was given to the boy who scored the most baskets in a minute!  :)

Cody also went to another basketball camp, but didn't get any awards from that...but it's a larger camp so he's a little fish in a big pond there, but I believe learns as much or more there being the smaller fish!

The other big thing for Cody this summer was some yellow jacket bites the Thursday before the All Star travel ball tournament! He is better now, but it was a long time before the swelling went down!  We weren't even sure he would get his glove on the hand! The second picture is the back of his forearm! It actually healed a lot faster than his hand!

I have more to share with you about Haley, but I will wait to do that!  :)  I don't want to bore you all in one day!


  1. Wow - how old is Cody? Is he starting high school this fall??? did you take him to the doc about the yellow jacket bite? I hate yellow jackets - I got swarmed by them at 6th grade camp and have been terrified of bees/wasps/yellow jackets ever since.

  2. Robyn, Cody just turned 13 years old on July 10th. I need to measure him to be sure, but he's getting up there! He wears a size 13 shoe already! Don't know if we can keep him in shoes with the cost and the rate he's growing!

    He was at his dad's when he got bitten and his dad told his stepmom not to take him, but she did the next morning because it was still very swollen, but the doctor told her that was normal swelling from a yellow jacket and he wasn't allergic. The Benadryl and ice packs were all we could do! We did change to a different allergy medicine for the weekend so he wouldn't be sleepy for the tournament! But he's back to normal now! :)

  3. Great to see you are blogging again!! Loved all the photos and even knowing what has been going on with you it was good to read it again here!! Looking forward to more pictures!! Hugs!!!!


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