Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pretty in Pink!

Haley called a couple weeks ago (actually, I was talking to Michele and Haley wanted to talk to me!) and asked if I would buy her something!  I told her of course I would, what did she want?  She told me she wanted a pretty pink princess dress!  Well, you know, Nana had to get right on that one!  I wasn't going to forget a request like that so this last Wednesday we went shopping for a pretty pink princess dress...not green or red (of which there were plenty this time or year!) not even purple...we had to find pink!

You should have seen her face and heard the joy in her expression when she saw the pretty party dresses at Sears!  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat to see that joy!  She was going through picking up the dresses and looking at them.  She knew exactly what she wanted and didn't want!  We found the perfect dress and I got two of them in different sizes to try on.  We got the size 6 because there will be plenty of room to grow!

I get the feeling she wanted to wear it out of the store, but I made her take it off to get home!  We also picked out pretty new socks, shoes, purse, and headband!  Here are ALL the pictures because I couldn't pick just one!

 Wednesday was Michele's birthday so we took her out for dinner and these pictures are from that night.  I just love the one of Michele with Cody and Haley!  I am a blessed mother/grandmother, indeed!


  1. What a gorgeous dress!! I bet you guys had so much fun looking for that dress. I am so glad you found it, she looks beautiful in it. Have a nice weekend. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  2. Karen, what a beautiful dress! Beautiful little girl too - a true Princess!

    Okay...I've come back, now it's your turn to get back here. :-) So hurry back!

    I posted a Smilebox at my blog that I think you might enjoy watching. If you do, hit 'full screen' to watch it. Sending you big hugs Karen. Hope you come back to blogland soon.

  3. What a lovely dress! I'm partial to pink for little girls too! So glad you were able to find one like it. Hope you're having a lovely day and a warm one.

  4. Hi Karen your family is just adorable. I Love the pink dress! just wanted to stop in and say HI, I see your name around. Have a great week. big hugs


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