Monday, September 13, 2010

Star City Challenge

That was the name of the tournament our boys played this last weekend.  We came in second place again, but put up a great fight!  We will get first very soon!

I drove over to Michele's about 7:30 Saturday morning and we loaded Michele's car and were headed down the road with breakfast from a drive thru at 8:00!  Arrived at the cold cloudy field about 9:40 and dropped Cody off and went to Walmart to buy jackets for Michele and Haley because Michele didn't think it was going to stay cold...stay cold it did so I'm especially glad we went to buy jackets before the games started!  We played back to back games and won them both.  The second game was a downpour!  I bought a shade umbrella and it came in handy for the rain!  LOL

Cody invited a friend to spend the night with us.  We went back to the hotel so the kids could swim for a while...we were finished with our games by 2:00!!  So they got to swim for a couple hours before we dressed for supper, went to Ryan's so the boys could eat as much as they wanted!

Then back to the hotel for a couple more hours of swimming. We were the only ones from our team at this hotel, but there were others from another team there so the boys got to play with them...they were in a division younger than our boys.

We finally had lights out about 10:30 that night.  We didn't have to be to the field until 12:30 so we got to sleep in...well, everyone else did, but I woke up at 5:30 and got my school books and worked on that while they slept until 9:30!  LOL

After breakfast the kids swam again.  The boys got out about 10:30 to relax and get ready for their games. I watched Haley at the pool while Michele got herself all dolled up!  LOL  I just take a lick and a prayer and I'm out the door, ya know?

We got to the field and it was a beautiful day with some wind gusts, but so much better than Saturday! The boys won their first two games again putting them into the championship game for the second tournament in a row!  Cody pitched three innings the first game of the day...the boys are allowed to pitch 8 innings a day.  The coach rested Cody for the second game because he wanted him to start the championship game! 

Cody pitched a good game!  There was one VERY bad call that might have cost us the game...the umpires said a ball as a homerun when it should have been a ground rule double...the umpire even apologized to the coach later, but it doesn't change the score!  If that hadn't been counted as a HR we would have been tied and would have had to play extra innings!  As it turned out we lost 3-2.  Cody pitched a complete game, but it was a lose...we came in second place again!  BUT here is the good news...

Central VA Rangers are ranked #1 in VA in power rankings!  That takes into account the number of runs scored/runs given up/wins/loses!  So we can't get much better than that!  We are also ranked #3 in the nation in the United States Specialty Sports Association!!  We are proud of our boys!

Here are a few pictures to capture the fun of the weekend!


  1. Wow what a busy weekend Karen..of course I already knew it would be but sounds like it was a lot of fun!! LOVE the pics!! Hugs to you!!

  2. Hi Karen;

    Dropping in to wish you a happy beginning of the week. Have a lovely day my friend. ;-}

  3. Hi Karen, you made me tired just by reading about your weekend! :-) Sounds like you had a full & fun one though. You are an awesome Nana! Hope you have a blessed week, & I hope we have time to catch up with one another. I have missed you! Hugs


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