Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another baseball tournament!

We are in Christiansburg, VA where Cody's travel team, Central VA Rangers, played their first two games today and won 10-1 and 11-2.  We are seeded first in our pool so we play at 3:00 tomorrow, I think that means we only have to play one game tomorrow, but I've been wrong before!  LOL

We are at the indoor pool at the hotel now with one of Cody's friends from the team.  Michele is washing the boys uniforms right now so they can be dry so Chris will have clothes to wear out to eat!  He was just going to travel home and back again tomorrow for the game, but his mom said he could stay with us tonight!

I think this is the last weekend we are going to travel for his games...this was my grandson's father's bright idea and it's just getting expensive!  After October there will be only one game a month in Myrtle Beach, SC so we might decide to do one of those trips, but certainly not all of them!  That's about a 5 hour drive from us! 


  1. Hi Karen! Hope you are enjoying your leisure time around the pool! Yeah - traveling to games would get real old, even if you do love your grandson too pieces. :-)

    I'm having another giveaway at my blog (ends Tuesday), so I hope you stop in & join. Sending big hugs Karen!!

  2. Hi Karen, yes it does get expensive doesn't it? I mean if it were just watching the game it wouldn't be bad but when you have to add hotel expenses and going out to eat and gas it adds up. I know it will be hard to stay away though. Enjoy your game tomorrow and we will see you on Monday! Love you!

  3. Hi Karen;

    Great! They won both games. I can understand the expensive part of it. When my grandson was playing I tried to go to many of his games but couldn't go to any of the out of town games. It was too expensive for me. Enjoy the game today and I hope they win.

    Have a lovely Sunday my friend. ;-}


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