Saturday, August 7, 2010


The trip to Lexington, SC was wonderful!  We had a great time although the boys lost in two straight games.  I think Cody was more upset that he didn't do anything to contribute to the team because of his finger.  He had to play or we would have had to forfeit so his batting suffered, he couldn't pitch, but was able to play first base!

Here are first some pictures of his finger, then I have some picture of him on the field and batting and Haley in the water with Papa, Michele, and Bobby!  Enjoy!

I am going to link you to a photobucket slideshow of the pictures from the World Series...

World Series

World Series 2


  1. Oooh, Cody's finger made me cringe! WOW! I can only imagine his disappointment by not being able to contribute to the team.

    I loved all the photos you shared Karen. Although I had to smile at a movie ad on your photobucket - one that you would not have endorsed. :-) It was kinda comical though, because of your photo show with Cody & the ballgame, & then the title of the movie.

    I made a linkie for your blog, so now it will be easier for me to visit you. It's on 'my reads' page - link is to the left at my blog. It's alphabetical order, so you'll see yours. Sending you big hugs Karen!! So fun to do the siggies for you today! Love you

  2. So sorry about Cody's finger. I am glad the trip was nice though. I do not knbow how he played first base with a hurt finger....OUCH!! Hope he is all better soon. Have a nice week!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  3. Oh my Karen, Cody's finger looks horrible. Poor kid, I don't know how he played. I pray he heals fast. He's a cutie Karen and he has the perfect name for a pro ball player. :) Enjoyed looking at the World Series photos. I'm a big baseball fan and I love watching the youngsters play.

    Have a blessed evening my friend. Hugs


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