Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday Tidings!

I promise I'm going to find time today to hop around and visit all my blogging friends!  Yesterday with getting the DSL with the wireless set up, then figuring out the Wii for Netflix I was just tired last night!

I only have three students today and I'm already finished with one and cleaned out another closet!  I have my house almost completely cleaned and decluttered!  You know, I was watching "Clean House" before we got rid of cable and I know I don't live in the cleanest house in the world, but how in the world do those people allow themselves to live like that?  If you haven't seen the show it's just amazing what these people live in!  I mean in some cases there weren't places to sit down or even a path to walk through the house!  I've had one room like that once, but that was YEARS ago and have never let anything get like that again!  I just wonder if these people have any self pride (not proud in a bad way, but pride about their homes and possessions to keep them nice!).

Anyway, my house was no where near what some of those houses were like and I feel so good getting things cleaned out!  I still have to rearrange my room which means cleaning baseboards behind things that haven't been moved since I painted two years ago.  And the middle bedroom that doesn't really have a function needs HELP because that's where I am putting all the stuff I want to keep, but don't know where to keep it!  LOL  I am tremendously proud of myself for getting rid of hundreds of children's books that I've had since I taught full time over 16 years ago!  That feels good!  I still have my personal collection to go through which will be harder to part with some, but if I don't LOVE the book it's going in the Goodwill pile!  I was giving them all to my daughter for a yard sale, but she decided she wasn't going to do a yard sale (which pains me cause this time I have a lot of good stuff for her), but even though she won't get the benefit someone will so I'm still giving things away!

I signed us up for today!  I can hardly wait until tonight and we can watch the All-Star game!  Honestly had I known the All-Star game was on last night I would have signed up last night, but oh well, we can watch the archive of it!  Then tomorrow we can start watching the live games of the Braves and whatever else team we'd like to watch.

I've gotten over my bug to get a bigger TV for now.  Mike and I have decided to wait until after Christmas and make it a Christmas/Anniversary gift to ourselves!  The TV we have now is a 19" and my computer screen is 16" so we will just watch the games on the computer until we can save some money for the bigger TV.  I've been spending a lot lately with Cody's birthday, my trip to Gettysburg, and just life because Mike doesn't have a full time job so I'd like to save a little more before I go spending a bunch on something we don't NEED!

Here is one picture that I like from our trip to Gettysburg.  These are my nieces and they were trying on hats!  They couldn't decide if they wanted hats or parasols...we got parasols!  So here is a picture of the hats and then the parasols!  :)  Have a great day!


  1. Hi karen!! I am glad you are all set up!! Yay!! I tooo love baseball, St. Louis Cardinals. :) I wanted to go see a Braves game when we went to Florida several years ago, but we went to see a Tampa Bay Rays game. That was fun too. Enjoy your games!!
    Maybe you can find a deal for a tv on Black Friday!! That is when we usually buy our big items.
    I wish I were closer to you, I would love to have bought your books (I am a preschool teacher). I am just building my collection.
    Have a wonderful day sweetie!!! ((BIG HUGS))!!!

  2. Hi Karen;

    Wow! it looks like you tidied in here and made it all pretty again. I'm glad ScrappinBlog is back again. Looks like they found another place to store their graphics & templates.

    I watched that "Clean House" show a couple of times. It's so hard to believe how people can live that way. I'm known to be on the opposite side of the scale. "A place for everything and everything in its place" LOL! My kids and family tell I'm way too much.

    Good to have you back my friend. Have a blessed day. Hugs

  3. Hi Karen!
    Happy Wednesday!
    I always feel so accomplished when I have the house all de-cluttered. Hmmm..I have a few areas that need help in that area.
    Take care hun!

  4. Hi Karen, I had to laugh when I read what you stated about the "Clean House" folks. I have often wondered that myself. I also wonder what kind of people would let a tv crew come in and see that. :) Glad to hear you are getting some of your cleaning done that you wanted to's such a good feeling to declutter.

    Sent you a FB friend request.

    Hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

  5. Hi Karen! Wow - I have missed you! So glad that you got a lot accomplished while you were offline. Isn't it amazing how much we can do when we don't turn on the computer??? I found that out last weekend, & I loved it. Nothing like the feeling of getting decluttered - it just makes you 'feel' lighter.

    I have watched that show, & sometimes cringe! Be impossible to live like that, & cannot imagine that being life. I sometimes think it hides other issues. Sending you big hugs sweet friend!

  6. Hi Karen! I try to declutter several times a year. It sure feels good to get rid of stuff. Your nieces are so cute! Hope you are having a great week! ((HUGS))

  7. Hi Karen,
    Good to see you back! Missed you!
    Love your photos of your nieces!
    De-cluttering is something I need to get to soon! I do this usually every 3 months but do not seem to get rid of much!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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