Friday, July 9, 2010

LONG two weeks!

I can't believe how long this feels until I get my internet!  I honestly thought I'd have it up and running by now, but Verizon is still saying that I can't connect until Tuesday the 13th!  I honestly thought they would have given me a call by now letting me know that I was able to install everything...I even tried to do it thinking it wouldn't matter, but it does!  LOL

So much has happened, but I don't have time while I'm at Michele's to really stop and think about it all and put it into a blog.  Just wanted to drop by and say how I miss blogging...have read several books that I have the reviews already done, just have to copy and paste them when I get my internet going again!

We don't miss TV at all!  We have been getting the DVD's in the mail from Netflix so that's satisfied us so far and I know we will love it when we can watch anything we want when we pick it!

We bought a Wii and have it hooked up, just have to get the wireless going so we can watch movies through that on TV.

I have made the decision that I'm going to buy a new TV sooner rather than later.  Bobby and Michele's TV stopped working last week and they got a new one and I can see a difference in the picture so I think it's time for a new TV!  Lots of money spent in this change over, but in the long run we will be saving money and these are all things that I wanted, just pushing the buy date up a little!  :)

Can't wait until Tuesday, you guys will have to get your reading glasses ready!  :)


  1. Karen...just to let you know that I miss you! I hope you have internet soon, & can get back to blogging & chatting via email. Have a blessed weekend! Hugs

  2. Hi Karen;

    Can't wait until you're fully back online. I miss you my friend. It's been so quiet around the net with some on vacation and some with busy summers. Take care and have a lovely weekend. See you when you get back. Hugs

  3. Hi Karen!! We will see you when you get your internet!! It will be soon. Have a nice weekend. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  4. Hi Karen, fingers crossed for you. I just came back for a long period with no computer, and I really missed blogging as well. Hubby and I don’t have a TV at home. When we moved from Italy to Scotland in 2008 we decided to give it a go and we do not miss it at all. Have a lovely week and a happy July. :)


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