Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Thoughts!

Well, my thoughts right now aren't so happy ones!  We got a check in the mail from the IRS yesterday saying that we'd over paid!  Well, Mike and I were skeptical about it because they had us down for three dependents and we don't have three dependents so I called today!

The lady said that I had made a mistake because of the way it looked on the tax papers so when the IRS reviewed it they thought I had three dependents!  I used Tax Act and they told us the correct amount to pay and we paid it, the IRS is the one who made the mistake and refunded us money that didn't belong to us! By the way, the lady I was talking to specifically said, "I'm not saying we made a mistake!"  Hello, I got a check by mistake and I didn't request it and I paid the proper amount before April 15th?  Whose mistake is it?

The bottom-line is that we have to pay back the $53.41, no big deal, PLUS 38 cents interest!  Excuse me?!?!?!  We paid on time and we were going about our merry business until YOU, the IRS sent us a check that we did not request and now WE have to pay YOU 38 cents!?!?!

We are going to pay it cause it's not worth the hassle, but seriously, am I the only person who sees something wrong with this situation?

On to much happier thoughts!  Last night at Cody's game Haley got a blue lollipop and wanted to see her blue tongue. What better way to show her her blue tongue than for Nana to take a picture!  Here is your smile for the day!


  1. Karen, Yeah I would pretty much say that you have the right to be upset. :-) Insane that 'you' have to pay the 38 cents! Like you said though - not worth the hassle.

    Aren't digital cameras the neatest!!?? I do that all the time - take pictures to show the kids what they look like. Gotta love this digital age!

    Have a blessed day Karen! Hugs

  2. Karen..I think the IRS loves to keep us confused and upset..we do ours the old fashioned "paper" way..I do it online and then print out the finished form..anyway I had neglected to bring down a figure at one point and then after I corrected it we ended up getting $5.00 more back than our original refund..What??? LOL Just be glad you owe 38 cents not 38 dollars!! Enjoy the rest of your day!!

  3. Oops I forgot to tell you I love the blue tongue photo!!! LOL

  4. I guess I just want someone to feel the unjustness with me! LOL Does that sound silly? Because the 38 cents isn't going to make or break us and I'm certainly not going to get in trouble with the IRS over 38 cents, but seriously, someone needs to grow a brain cell or two in our government!

    I've used Tax Act before and it was just fine...I know it was 'the government' that did it wrong because even when I questioned the lady she said the return said I had a "TOTAL" of 2 dependents! So I still don't think that it was my fault in any way shape or form...I just have to decide if I'm going to give them a piece of my mind in a letter...but I doubt it, they wouldn't know what to do with such a fine specimen of brain cells! LOL


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