Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fun!

This day was full and I'm glad to be home and relaxing for the rest of the evening!

I woke up at 6:00 and was at the gym about 6:30.  Got home at 8:00, took a quick shower, dressed, and was ready for my student when he got here at 8:30.  Tutored until 10:00, Haley arrived at 9:30 and watched TV until I was finished tutoring.  Then we went with my best friend to see another friend's newborn.  Haley was able to hold him and try to feed him a bottle!  Here are some pictures of her holding Cooper.

While we girls were visiting Claudia was nice enough to do a project with Haley!  I think both girls had fun!

Here is a video of Haley trying to feed Cooper!  :)

We got home about time for a nap for Haley and I had one tutoring student at 1:00 because she had swim lessons this week so that worked out well.

When Emily left I just relaxed for a while...I'm still very tired from not sleeping well Wednesday night! Haley slept until about 4:00!  Then my best friend called to ask if we wanted to go out to eat with them so we did...with Haley!

Got home about 6:00 and Bobby came to pick Haley and go visit his mom this evening while Michele works a double shift today! Mike is now in the shower and we are in for the evening! 

Cody comes home from Cancun tomorrow!  I can hardly wait to get another hug from him!  :)

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