Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 27th anniversary so I thought I'd make a post!  It hasn't always been fun, but we've always been committed to each other! I think the problem with a lot of new marriages today is that they don't go into it thinking it really is forever. Mike and I went into it saying that divorce was not an option and it hasn't been. There were times when it might have been easier, I'm not sure since I've never been down that road, but I'm glad we never thought that was an option for us!  We are happier today then when we got married and it's because we've made it through the tough times!

Mike brought me lunch and a bouquet of flowers. I'm not a big rose fan, he brought me my favorite flowers, but I didn't have a vase...but I did have a paper towel roll!


I've lost about 18 pounds since I started trying to get healthy. I am not using the personal trainer anymore, but Mike and I have joined a gym that's open 24 hours a day. We like it so far! We are signed up for an 8k on March 17th so I have to put some miles in! I am afraid I'm going to be hurting when it's over if I don't get busy now!  LOL

I am not sure I mentioned my toothache here, but I had one for several months while Mike didn't have insurance. When his insurance kicked in I went to the dentist and was told I needed a root canal, but when I went the decay was below the bone so it had to be pulled. It hurt for longer than I thought it would after it was pulled, but now it's almost back to normal. It's been three weeks today. It still feels funny, but I'm sure I will live! I don't know if I'm going to get anything to put in it's place or not. The insurance we have actually didn't pay for the extraction so I'm glad I couldn't have the root canal! The extraction was expensive enough!

Cody is on his way to Disney World with his dad's side of the family. He wants to try out for track, but I'm not sure his dad is going to allow him with all the ball stuff coming up, but I think he's all after school and won't interfere with baseball!  :)

Haley starts piano lessons next Tuesday! She says she's not excited because she doesn't know how to do it, but I think once she starts she will be fine. She is taking ballet too. She wanted to stop that too until we were able to change her teacher to the one she had this summer!  Then we found out that someone from her class at school is in that dance class and a neighbor girl and another girl from first grade at school!  :)

That's about it from here...I will try to have pictures from the 8k and post here!


  1. Happy Anniversary Karen and Mike! I love that divorce is not an option and I think it should be that way for all couples! It seems in this day and age everyone just takes the easy way out.
    I love the flowers and mostly I love the vase!LOL
    Great job on your weight loss, I know how hard it is but oh so good when it is going down! Have a great one my friend!

  2. Happy Anniversary Karen!! That is great. Congrats on the weight loss too, I am so happy for you. :)
    OUCH about the tooth, I hope you are all better now. Have a nice day. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  3. Hi Karen!!! I am glad you had a nice Anniversary!! The flowers are so pretty.
    I hope your tooth is taken care of now. That can be awful pain.
    Have a nice week. ((BIG HUGS))!!


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