Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are you ready for some basketball!?!?!

The last post was a little less than a month ago and now we are into basketball already!  Cody tried out for the team and was cut the last night of practice.  We were all disappointed for him, but he's usually good at all the sports he participates in so it was going to be a learning experience for him.

Friday afternoon I'm sitting at home minding my own business when I hear this horn beeping wildly!  I'm thinking, we don't have teenagers around here anymore who could that be?  It was Cody's stepmom with him in tow coming to tell me that two boys had to be cut from the team because of their grades so Cody is on the team now! 

We had our first game Wednesday night...I just hope that team was unusually good or it's going to be a LONG season!  Just sayin'!  LOL

Without further delay here are some pictures of my handsome grandson in his uniform, dressed for game day at school, and then some shots from the game that night...we lost, but it was still exciting!

Cody didn't get to play in the game so all the shots are of warm ups and this last picture his coach had him trying to block shots to make the layups harder for the other boys...he did a great job at it!  :)


  1. Hi Karen! Wow - what a surprise for Cody (& for you!). For once, you might have been a little bit happy about some kid's grades not being so great. :-) I hope Cody has a great season!

    Hoping you have a blessed week (can you believe it is Thanksgiving week???!). Sending you big hugs...see you on the board this week.

  2. Good pics Karen!! About time you got back here on your blog!! LOL Enjoy your week off!! Glad Cody made the team!!


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