Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tutoring has taken over!

I wanted to write about this weekend and the tournament, but this is the week before nine week exams and I have had no less than a half a dozen students schedule extra tutoring times before exams so that cuts into my free time!  I will write about the weekend and post pictures later this week or Saturday.

For today I'm going to post two pictures of Haley from this weekend.  She sometimes gets in a mood and says, "Don't picture me!"  She was in one of those moods for the first picture.  Once I asked if I could 'picture' her snow cone she was happy to be 'pictured'!  Four year olds crack me up!


  1. Oh she is such a cutie! Take care of yourself with all of the extra tutoring! Love ya!

  2. awww...Hayley is such a sweetie!

  3. oh I forgot to say....LOL at the moody 4-yearr old! What is that snow cone made of??

  4. LOL!! She's a little cutie alright. It still amazes me how much personality 4 year olds have. LOL! Those photos are great memory keepers Karen. Have a lovely week my friend.

  5. Karen...yeah, they crack me up too. Although Emily 'loves' getting her picture taken. :-) Haley is soooo cute! Even when she doesn't want you to "picture her". :-) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Don't let tutoring take over. :-) Wow - 9 weeks already??? Unreal! Sending big hugs Karen


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