Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainy Days!

I love rainy days so I've enjoyed the last few days because we are getting some much needed rain. You'd think I would love rain so much after the fall I had on Monday because of my wet slippery shoes, but I'm healing quite nicely so I still love the rain!  I fell when I was getting the oil changed in my car and hurt my wrist, knee, and ankle.  All but the wrist are back to normal and feel just fine and I can tell the wrist is going to be just fine too!  Just twisted and pulled things that haven't been twisted and pulled for MANY years!  :)

Tutoring is going along nicely.  I've just added a new student whom I'm excited to get started with today.  She has been homeschooled and isn't quite where she needs to be in math and language so my mission is to get her caught up so she can rejoin her class in those subjects next year!  :)  If you think about her please pray for her because not only is this her first year in a classroom situation her father just passed away since school started this year and he was her teacher all these years so I'm sure that has a lot to do with her struggles this year!

Cody didn't have any travel ball games this last weekend, but we will have them the next two weekends.  This weekend we are just going over on Sunday for the games, the second weekend we are going to spend the weekend in Roanoke so we are close to the field and don't have to travel back and forth! Those are the last local travel ball games.  From what I understand they go to Myrtle Beach once a month until our county rec league starts again in the spring.  I think Michele and I want to try to go to one of those Myrtle Beach games, but we can't afford more than that!  :)

That's my life in a nutshell for the past couple of weeks...just busy tutoring and taking care of everyone I love!  :)

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  1. Karen, I am so glad that you are ok after your fall! I love the rain also but we got over 8 inches last Thursday and we are still having minor flooding. I bet you are excited to go to some ball games again, especially since your Braves will be done soon, sorry! How did the tutoring with the new girl go? That is so neat that you are so excited! Love you!


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